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Time flies! It is almost one year plus time for me to become the frequent and active participant of Funday Korea Networks! :) I am really thankful and feel greatful to Funday as during this CV-19 hard time, the organization still manage to organize such large and amazing event. Of course not to limit the number of participants, but Funday ensure everyone is following the SOP and protocol, to keep everyone safe. Jeonju, the first long journey trip organized by Funday in this year 2020, was amazing and open my eyes about those traditional musical performances, arts and handicrafts. Of course, not to forget to mention about the Hanok, Korean traditional houses. The walk through the Hanok, we are taking photos madly at everywhere, every corners. It is just to prove that we had stepped our foot in JEONJU! <3 Thank you Funday, Thank you Jeonju for welcoming us! :)






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