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On 14 - 15 of August, I attended the Korean Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival which took place in Jeonju. For my overall perspective, I learnt a lot about Korean Culture which I do not know before and I can directly experience it. I learnt 실품이 춤 during the first day of the event. The dance gives a lot of meaning, the most I remembered is about the love of family,parents or partner. We need to imagined the white cloth is our love one. 


After that, I learnt to make 장도장 which is small knife. Because of the knife is dangerous, I just able to make some design using glass. Eventhough it was hard to place small glass onto the 장도장 but the result was beautiful. 


In late evening, I watched culture show. There were so many performances, and I love every single performance. It was my firs experience to watched it.


In second day, I visited HanokMal, eventhough it is typically Hanok Mal which can be found in Seoul, but the place is beutiful which make it special. I tried to wear Hanbok too. 


Overall, the staff that handle the program were very friendly and helpful. The organizers were very sensitive about food that I ate. She said this one can eat, this one cannot eat. She was very helpful. The schedule was not very pack, so I was not felt very tired.


The hostel roomis so big, but just average.


For overall, it was very best event.. :)

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