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Thank you, funday!

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It was fun...only a one-day trip, unfortunately... XD

My review is up on Instagram... 


One thing that needs to be noted for future trips: food.

Since Funday asked people via email what kind of foods they can eat, please make sure that people would keep their choices, instead of asking them again on the day...and did not keep the name lists on what kind of food they chose.


Obviously, people would forget and tend to just follow their friends, as happened on the one-day trip. 

A few Moslem friends did not get the vegetarian sandwiches initially...

So there was a staff that said, "There is only ham sandwich available, so maybe you can take out the ham and eat it."

No...that's not how it works. Explaining the 'halal' concept would be lengthy. To shorten it, taking out a slice of ham from the food would not enable Muslims to eat the food, because the food has been compromised with non-halal material. 

'Halal' is not the same as being vegetarian or vegan.


Funday networks would hold future trips with people from various cultural or religious backgrounds, so it'd be best to know about this kind of stuff... :)

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