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Article 1. (Purpose) 
The purpose of these Terms of Service is to define the terms and conditions of use, procedures, rights, obligations, responsibilities, and other relevant matters between Funday Korea Networks (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") and users of its services (hereinafter referred to as "Services"). 
Article 2. (Definition of terms) 
In these Terms of Service, the following definitions apply: 

  1. The term "Website" refers to any virtual business location created by computers or any information and communication equipment to provide services to "Members." This includes websites, mobile websites, applications, and any other media that provide services operated by the Company. The term also includes the following websites where services are provided using a single integrated member account (ID and password): 
    - m.fundaykorea.co.kr 

  2. The term "Service" refers to all services provided by the website, including services that provide information by categorizing and aggregating data registered by individuals for different purposes, such as providing information, planning and operating events, etc., through the website operated by the Company. 

  3. The term "Member" refers to any person who uses or intends to use the Services provided by the Company. This includes a person who has signed or intends to sign a contract with the Company through external service connections, such as Facebook, and an "Individual Member" who has completed the membership registration process by setting up an ID, password, and other necessary details. It also includes a person whom the Company has acknowledged as a member through a confirmation email. 

  1. The term "ID" refers to a combination of letters and numbers selected by the Member during registration and granted by the Company for the purpose of identifying and using the Services. 

  1. The term "Password" refers to a combination of letters and numbers selected by the Member during registration, which serves as confirmation that the Member is the same person who was granted the ID during registration, and protects the rights of the Member. 

  1. The term "Non-member" refers to any person who uses or intends to use the Services provided by the Company without completing the membership registration process. 


Article 3. (Specification and Revision of Terms of Service) 

  1. The Company shall prominently display the content of the Terms of Service, including the company name, address, CEO name, business registration number, contact number, and other relevant information on the website's front page visible to Members. Alternatively, the Company may notify Members through another means. 

  1. The Company may revise the Terms of Service, provided that the revisions do not violate any relevant regulations, such as the Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions, the Telecommunications Act, or the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection. 

  1. If the Company revises the Terms of Service, it must publicly announce the effective date and the reasons for the revision, along with the current Terms of Service, starting from seven days before the effective date until the effective date. However, if the revised content significantly impacts the Members' rights and obligations, notifications should begin 30 days before the effective date. 

  1. Members have the right to refuse the revised Terms of Service. They may express their intention of refusal within 15 days after the revision announcement is made. If a Member refuses, the Company may terminate the contract with the Member after providing prior notice with a fixed period of 15 days. If a Member does not express their intention to refuse or uses the Service after the effective date pursuant to the preceding paragraph, the Member is deemed to have agreed to the revised Terms of Service. 


Article 4. (Interpretation of Terms of Service) 

  1. Matters that are not specified in these Terms of Service shall be governed by relevant regulations such as the Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions, the Telecommunications Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, and other applicable laws and regulations. 

  1. In case of conflicting terms and conditions between the website and the service, these Terms of Service shall take precedence. 

  1. If the Company signs an individual contract with a Member and provides its services, the individual contract shall take precedence over these Terms of Service. 


Article 5. (Establishment of service contract) 

  1. The "Service Contract" between the "Company" and the "Member" shall be deemed agreed upon by the "Member" who intends to use the service after reading the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and clicking the "agree" or "confirm" button. 

  1. In order to apply for paragraph (1), the "Company" may request verification of the real name and identity of the "Member" through a specialized institution according to the type of member. The "Member" shall provide the name, date of birth, contact information, and other necessary information for authentication. 

  1. The service contract is completed when a "Member" makes a request to use the service (membership application), and the "Company" notifies the "Member" through the website and email. 

  1. If the service contract is applied through external services such as Facebook, the contract is established when the member grants access for the "Company" to access and use the "Member's" account information of the external service to provide these terms, the Privacy Policy, and further services. The "Company" shall notify the "Member" of the establishment of the contract. 


Article 6. (Approval and Restrictions of Service Application) 

  1. The "Company" shall approve a member's request to use the service in principle, provided there are no technological or business-related problems that would prevent the application according to the regulations in the preceding paragraph. 

  1. The "Company" shall not approve the use of services in the following cases: 
    - If the application is made using another person's name or not the member's real name. 
    - If the content of the service contract was falsely input, or the content requested by the "Company" is not input. 
    - If the application was made by a child under the age of 15. 
    - If the application violates other various matters attributable to the member. 

  2. The "Company" may withhold approval until the reasons for approval restrictions are resolved under the following circumstances: 
    - If the "Company" does not have sufficient equipment. 
    - If the "Company" has technical impediments. 
    - If the service cannot be approved due to other reasons attributable to the "Company." 


Article 7. (Details of Service) 

  1. The “Company” may provide various services listed in Article 2.2, and the details of such services are as follows: 
    - Provision of information 
    - Festival/Trip events/Supporter activities operation 
    - Education-related services 
    - Services related to interaction and communication between members 
    - Services related to data transaction 
    - Any other services provided by the “Company” through additional development, editing, reorganization, or partnership agreements. 

  2. The “Company” reserves the right to add or modify the details of the services. However, in such cases, the “Company” must notify the “Member” about the changes and additions. 


Article 8. (Member and Application Information) 

  1. When registering as a member or submitting an application, the member shall provide the required information in the format specified by the website. 

  1. The company must offer members the option to choose whether to register or unregister their application information, as well as whether to provide contact information. 

  1. The website administrator may access application information for testing and monitoring purposes to provide stable services. The company may use the information from registered applications to develop, edit, and reorganize statistical data to provide more beneficial services. 

Article 9. (Services through Affiliation) 

  1. The company may provide services where the application information of registered members can be accessed through other affiliated websites or offline media such as newspapers and magazines. However, the contact information provided by members will only be disclosed if they have explicitly chosen to do so. 

  1. The company must provide a list of affiliated websites, which must be easily accessible on the website at all times. If the list of affiliated media is provided in XML and API form, it should be available separately from the Terms of Service. 

  1. The company will only provide application information to other affiliated websites for applications that members have requested to disclose. (As of the effective date of this Terms of Service, there are no affiliated websites or media.) 

  1. If changes are made to the website in accordance with paragraph (3) of this article, members will be notified in advance through a notice. 


Article 10. (Service Charge) 

  1. If the company offers paid services, it shall notify users of the charges through the website. 

  1. Depending on the type and duration of the service, the company may change the service charge without prior notice. However, the changed amount will not be applied retrospectively to existing contracts. 


Article 11. (Refunds for service charges) 

  1. The company shall provide refunds for service charges in the following cases, subject to varying refund conditions depending on the circumstances: 
    - If the paid service has not been used 
    - If the service is unavailable due to network or system failure 
    - If the service is cancelled due to the member's circumstances after applying for a paid service. 

  2. The company will not refund service charges to members in case of account deletion, service suspension, or data deletion as per Article 19 of the Terms of Service. In such cases, the company may charge the member separately for damages. 

  3. Members who wish to receive a refund must request it through their Mypage account or the customer service center. 

  1. If the company deems that the refund request meets the refund guidelines for each service, the balance deducted from the service charge at the time of contracting for the service period will be refunded to the member. 


Article 12. (Service hours) 

  1. The company shall provide 24/7 service, except in extenuating circumstances. However, the company may specify different operating hours for certain services based on their type and nature. In such cases, the company must inform the member of the operating hours in advance. 

  1. The company may temporarily suspend services during operating hours for data processing and updates, troubleshooting, regular maintenance work, system replacement work, or in the event of a line failure. If this suspension is planned, the company must notify the duration and nature of the service suspension in advance. If the company cannot provide advance notice due to an unavoidable reason, notifications may be made afterward. 


Article 13. (Suspension of service provision) 

  1. The company may suspend service provision in the following cases: 
    - The company notified members in advance due to necessary repair and maintenance tasks. 
    - Telecommunication business operator suspends telecommunication services. 
    - Other cases where service provision is objectively impossible due to uncontrollable reasons. 

  2. In the case of the preceding paragraph, the company must compensate for damages by extending the service period or providing refunds to users of paid services with a fixed period. 


Article 14: (Provision of Information and Inserting Advertisements) 

  1. The Company may provide necessary information to Members via email or letter mail to improve the service and introduce new services. 

  1. The Company may post information related to services or advertisements on the service page, homepage, email, etc. Members who receive emails with advertisements may refuse to receive them. 

  1. The Company is not liable for any loss or damage caused by Members' participation, communication, or transaction through promotional activities of advertisers or content posted on the service. 

  1. Members are considered to have agreed to advertisement publication when using the service. 


Article 15: (Responsibility of Data Content and Authority of the Company to Modify Information) 

  1. Data content refers to personal information, applications, and posts on the website registered by Members. 

  1. Members must write data content based on facts and will be liable for any responsibility caused by incorrect or inaccurate information. 

  1. Members are responsible for the content they post and must make an effort to regularly check and manage their data accurately. 

  1. The Company can modify data content registered by Members any time if there are misspellings, dislocated content, or socially unacceptable content. 

  1. The Company may delete data without prior notice to Members if it receives a request for deletion by another person or corporation for false information and defamation caused by content registered by Members. 


Article 16: (Utilization and Handling of Data Content) 

  1. The information selected and input by Members may be utilized and constructed into statistics and related trends, which may be provided to media for media distribution or affiliates. However, it shall be in a form where it is impossible to identify an individual. 

  1. A Member's application information viewed by a corporate member becomes that company's personnel data, and the related management rights shall be governed by the policies of the relevant company. 


Article 17: (Obligation of the Company) 

  1. The Company shall provide service in a continuous and stable manner as prescribed by these Terms of Service. 

  1. The Company shall deal with complaints related to service immediately, and if they cannot be attended to immediately, the reason and processing schedule should be notified to Members through the service screen or other methods. 

  1. The Company shall preserve transaction information related to paid services for at least one year, except for users who do not have memberships. 

  1. The Company is not liable for damages if services are interrupted by natural disasters, unforeseen events, and system failures. However, the Company is obliged to make its best efforts to restore data and provide normal service. 

  1. The Company must receive Members' consent if data of a Member is provided or shown to a third party for purposes other than the services. 


Article 18: (Obligation of Members) 

  1. Members shall comply with relevant regulations, these Terms of Service, and other guidelines provided by the Company and shall not engage in any acts that interfere with the work of the Company. 

  1. When a Member registers or applies for a paid service, the Member forms a claim-obligation relationship with the Company and shall pay related fees within the designated date. 

  1. Members are responsible for the loss of information including passwords if they use a credit card for payment. However, if the loss of information was caused by defects in the Website, this shall not fall under the obligation of the Member. 

  1. Members shall not copy, duplicate, translate, publish, broadcast or otherwise use or provide information obtained by using the Company's service to another person without the prior consent from the Company. 

  2. Members shall not engage in the following acts while using the service: 
    - Fraudulent use of another member's ID 
    - Any act with criminal intent or related to other criminal acts 
    - Defaming or damaging another person's reputation 
    - Violation of intellectual property rights of another 


Article 19: (Account Deletion, Suspension of Service, and Data Deletion) 

  1. Members can terminate the service contract at any time through the Customer Service Center or the account deletion menu to cancel their membership and withdraw applications. The Company will handle this as prescribed by relevant law. 

  1. The Company may delete an account, suspend services, or delete applications without prior consent in the following cases: 

  • Member fails to fulfill obligations faithfully 

  • Member fails to pay the prescribed fee for using paid services 

  • Social controversy arises by utilizing information in areas that are not suitable for the purpose of the service 

  • Information registered by a member is incorrect or manipulated 

  • A company or third party is defamed in connection to this service 

  • Any other reason falling under the above cases occurs 

  1. If a member is unable to receive normal service while using a paid service for reasons attributable to the Company, the member may request service termination. For paid services with a fixed period, the Company should calculate the number of days the service was used until the termination date and, by applying a daily basis, deduct the used amount and refund the rest. For paid services with a fixed number of uses, the Company should calculate the number of uses based on a per-use amount, deduct the amount of use, and refund the rest. 

  1. The Company will comply with the period for retention and use of personal information of the Privacy Policy if membership is canceled. 

  1. If the member doesn't use the Website for the personal information retention period selected by the member (10 years, account deletion), the account may be converted into an inactive account and suspended from use. In this case, the Company will notify the member 30 days prior to the Inactive account processing date by email, written document, or SMS. If the member indicates their intention to use the Website after verification, the member may use it. 

  1. Personal information stored separately as an inactive account will be destroyed without delay after 10 years. 


Article 20: (Indemnification for Damage) 

  1. The Company must compensate for damages caused to a member by violating the Terms of Service or in regards to all its services due to reasons where the Company is held responsible. 

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