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Funday Korea Networks (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is committed to complying with all relevant laws and regulations applicable to information and communication service providers, including the Act of Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Personal Information Protection Act, Protection of Communications Secrets Act, Telecommunications Business Act, etc. We make every effort to protect the rights and interests of our members. 

To protect the personal information of our information providers and to respond to personal information-related problems in a prompt and smooth manner, the Company operates in accordance with Article 27-2 of the Act of Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, following these personal information processing policies. 


1. Purpose of Personal Information Collection and Use: 

Funday Korea Networks (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"), an online website that plans and operates trips, festivals, and supporter activities, collects personal information to provide suitable services and uses the collected information as follows. All information provided by members shall not be used for any purpose other than those specified below, and prior consent will be sought in cases where the purpose of use is altered. Moreover, if a member uploads personal information that the Company did not request on the website, the Company shall not use the information and shall not be responsible for managing it. 

  1. Member Management 
    - Identifying members according to the use of membership service, confirming members' intentions, responding to customer inquiries, introducing new information, and delivering notices. 

  2. Performance of Contract and Service Fee Settlement Regarding the Provision of Services 
    - Personal identification, personal identification for participation in events and content provision, mutual contact between members, purchase and fee payment, sending goods and documents, and prevention of illegal use and unauthorized use. 

  3. Service Development, Marketing, and Advertising 
    - Providing customized services, providing information and recommendations on services, identifying statistics and access frequency for service improvement and new service development, publishing advertisements based on statistical properties, offering event information, and opportunity to participate. 

  4. Statistical Analysis to Identify Customers and Customer Trends. 


2. Information to be Collected and Method of Collection: 

The Website provides free access to most content without additional membership registration procedures, excluding certain paid services. To use the membership service, the member must input information in the required fields, but there is no restriction on the use of service even if the member does not input information in the optional fields. 


A. Personal Information Items to be Collected 

  1. Items to be collected when registering for membership  
    ① Individual Member 
    - Name, ID, password, email 
    - Gender, nationality, date of birth, contact number (phone/mobile), address (residence), visa information, occupation, duration of stay, Korean speaking ability, areas of interest b) Social Member 

    ② Account information set by the member through system linkage with external services such as Facebook, etc. 
    - Name, ID, password, email 
    - Gender, nationality, date of birth, contact number (phone/mobile), address (residence/work), zip code, visa information, occupation 


  1. Items to be collected when registering an application 
    - Name, ID, email, gender, nationality, date of birth, contact number (phone/mobile), allergy/food preferences, social media, bank account information etc. 


  1. Items to be collected when using a paid service 
    - The Company verifies information on the to ensure smooth use of requested services and prevent damage caused by unauthorized use of information and publication of false information 
    ∎ When registering or inquiring about the service: Name of contact person, phone number, email 


  1. The following information can be automatically generated and collected throughout the process of using services or processing business 
    - IP address, cookies, log data, use time, history of inappropriate usage, advertisement ID 
    - Model information of the device may be collected due to the nature of mobile services, but it is impossible to identify an individual with this information. 


B. Method of Collection Website, service use, event entry, fax, mail, phone, customer service center inquiry. 


3. Collection and Use of Personal Information 

The "Company" will only use personal information for the purposes outlined in the "Purpose of Personal Information Collection and Use" section and will not exceed the scope of the member's prior consent. 


A. Personal Information Entrustment 

The "Company" may entrust personal information to third-party service providers to improve its services. The company will ensure the safe management of personal information through a consignment contract that complies with relevant regulations. If any changes are made to the current policy, the "Company" will notify members through a notice or update to the privacy policy. As of the date of this policy, the "Company" has not entrusted personal information to any external party. 


B. Provision and Use of Personal Information 

Personal information may be provided or used with the consent of the member through reasonable procedures in the following cases: 

  1. Affiliates 
    - As of the effective date of this privacy policy, there are no affiliated companies that receive personal information of individual members. If any affiliations change, members will receive prior notice, and their consent will be sought individually before any information is provided. 

  2. Mergers and Acquisitions 
    - If the rights and obligations of the service provider are inherited or transferred, members will receive prior notice. Members shall be given the option to withdraw consent to the use of personal information. 

  3. Investigative Agencies 
    - Exceptions will be made if an investigative agency requests personal information in accordance with relevant statutes or prescribed methods and procedures for investigative purposes. 


4. Retention and Use of Personal Information 

The "Company" will only retain and use personal information during the period of service starting from the date of membership registration. Personal information will be destroyed without delay if the member deletes their account, withdraws consent to collect and use personal information, or the purpose of collection and use has been achieved, and the period of use has ended. However, personal information may be preserved for the following reasons and periods: 

  1. Necessary Cases 
    - In accordance with the provisions of relevant statutes such as the Commercial Act, transaction details and minimum basic information shall be retained during the period prescribed by the Act. The company may only use stored information for storage purposes. 
    ① Record regarding contract of withdrawal of subscription: 5 years 
    ② Record on payment and supply of goods: 5 years 
    ③ Record on consumer complaint or dispute treatment: 3 years 
    ④ Record on fraudulent use: 5 years 
    ⑤ Record on website visit (log in and access record): 3 months 


  1. Retention Period Announced in Advance 
    - If the retention period is announced in advance, the company will retain personal information during the agreed period. 


  1. Inactive Accounts 
    - If a member doesn't use the "Website" for the personal information retention period selected by the member (1 year, 3 years, account deletion), the account may be converted into an inactive account and suspended from use. The "Company" will notify the member 30 days prior to the "Inactive account processing date" through email, written document, or SMS. If the member indicates their intention to use the "Website" after verification, they may continue to use the "Website." 


  1. Permanent Retention of IDs 
    - IDs will be kept permanently to prevent duplicate registration. 

5. Procedure and Method for Destruction of Personal Information 

The "Company" will destroy personal information of members as soon as the purpose of collecting and using the information is fulfilled. The procedure for destruction of personal information is as follows: 

  1. Destruction Procedure: 
    - The member's registration information will be transferred to a separate database when the purpose is achieved. The hard copies will be stored in a separate document storage and will be saved and destructed according to the internal policies and relevant regulations. 
    - Personal information transferred to a separate database shall not be used for any purposes except legal purposes. 
    - Personal information that has exceeded the retention period selected by the member (1 year, 3 years, account deletion) shall be stored separately or destructed. Personal information stored separately shall be destroyed after 5 years. 

  2. Destruction Method: 
    - Hard copies of personal information shall be shredded with a pulverizer or incinerated. 
    - Electronic files of personal information shall be deleted through a technical method that makes it impossible to restore the information. 


6. Installation, Operation, and Refusal of Automatic Personal Information Collection Devices 

  1. Cookies  
    - Cookies are small text files sent from the server to the member's browser to operate the website and are stored on the member's hard drive. 

  2. Purpose of Cookies  
    - The information collected by the website through cookies is the same as the information specified in Section 2, "Information to Be Collected and Method of Collection," and will not be used for any purposes other than those specified in Section 1, "Purpose of Personal Information Collection and Use." 

  3. Installation, Operation, and Refusal of Cookies 
    - Members may choose to enable or disable cookies. The member may choose to enable all cookies, receive a prompt each time a cookie is saved, or refuse all cookies by adjusting the settings in their web browser. 
    - The option to enable cookies can be set (for example, for Internet Explorer) by clicking "Tools" in the browser toolbar > "Internet Options" > "Privacy" tab. 
    - However, refusing to accept cookies may result in difficulties accessing certain services that require the member to log in. 

7. Technical and managerial measures for personal information protection 

  1. Encryption of personal information 
    - The member's personal information is protected by passwords, and files and data are further secured through encryption and file locking. 

  2. Countermeasures against hacking 
    - A dedicated administrator oversees the implementation of these measures and ensures that our systems remain secure. Our administrator is responsible for maintaining and updating our security policies and procedures to keep pace with evolving threats and technologies. 

  3. Training of personal information processing personnel 
    - Our personal information processing staff consists of a minimum number of employees who receive regular training on new security technology and privacy obligations. Internal auditing processes for security maintenance are also conducted. 

  4. Personal ID and password management 
    - While the "Company" makes every effort to protect the member's personal information, the company cannot be held responsible for problems caused by the leakage of personal information, such as IDs and passwords, due to the member's carelessness or the overall risks of the internet. 

8. Link 

The "Website" contains various banners and links that may redirect you to other sites. These links may be included due to contractual agreements with advertisers or to credit the source of provided content. Once redirected to another website by clicking on a link, we recommend that you review the website's privacy policy, as it is independent of Funday Korea Networks' privacy policy. 

9. Personal information protection of children 

Due to the nature of our service, which involves trip events, the "Company" does not allow children under the age of 15 to register without the consent and supervision of a parent or legal guardian to protect their personal information. We understand the importance of having a guardian present during such events and take their safety and privacy very seriously. 
10. Protection of Personal Information for Non-Members 

Even if not registered as a member, individuals may access most content on the "Website," with the exception of personal information that members have chosen not to disclose and key information on applications, to ensure protection of their personal information. 


11. Member's Rights and Methods of Exercising Rights 

1) Members have the right to view, modify, and make their registered information private or public at any time through the 'account information management' function. 

2) Members may withdraw their consent to collect and use personal information at any time by deleting their accounts. 

3) Members may request in writing, by phone, or by email for the company to provide the matters referred to in (1) and (2). 

4) If the company cannot immediately respond to the member's request or intends to decline the request, the company must notify the member of the reason for the postponed reply and refusal within 10 days of receiving the user's request. 

5) If the member objects to the company's action, the member may submit a request form for withdrawal of consent to view and request personal information.  

☞ Request form for withdrawal of consent to view and request personal information 


12. Chief Privacy Officer and Civil Service 

To protect the members' personal information and resolve any related complaints, the "Company" designates Jinwoong Cho as the Chief Privacy Officer. For consultation on other personal information-related inquiries, please contact the following institutions: 

- Personal Information Infringement Report Center / 118 (without an area code) 
- Supreme Prosecutors' Office Republic of Korea Cybercrime Investigation Division / 1301 (without an area code) 
- Korea National Police Agency Cyber Bureau / 182 (without an area code) 


13. Additional  

If the content of the current privacy policy is added, deleted, or modified according to statutes, policies, or changes in security technology, the company will notify members of the changes 7 days before the effective date through the website's notification.  


Effective Date: March 1, 2023 

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