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Participate in the event 

a new start of Funday Korea Networks! 


Want to work in Korean, but don’t know where to start?

Meet a new platform launched by Funday to lead you on your way to the workplace of your dream in Korea.

JobpassKorea is a service that will not only help you to find a job but also give information about jobs in Korea, business culture, career tips, and stories of foreigners ‘Sunbaes’ who have already paved the way in Korea!

JobPassKorea provides you with: 


-Customized corporate matching services

-Job information services

-On/Off-line education services

-Korean Culture experience and educational programs

*Some of the above services aren't available in the beta version, yet.


And to celebrate our new start JobPassKorea team prepared a special event for you. To learn more about the event and to participate CLICK HERE!

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