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[HIRING] YouTube Video Editor Recruitment

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Writer Funday Korea Networks Hit 7,516 Hits Date 21-01-14 16:28
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Hiring a new member to our Funday team!


Company name: Funday Korea Networks (Social enterprise)


Company introduction

 Established in 2016, Funday Korea Networks Co., Ltd. is a social enterprise that plans and operates programs for foreigners in the areas of Korean history, culture, and tourism to deliver global happiness through Korean culture.

We are pioneering new areas as a future leader in global cultural content through the development of cultural content with foreigners.

In January 2021, the company launched JobpassKorea, a job search and matching platform that connects foreign professionals with domestic and international companies.

JobpassKorea not only offers professional matching services that connect foreigners who want to get a job in Korea with companies in need of foreign talent, but also creates educational content on Korean workplace culture, job training, and employment tips.


Position: YouTube video editor



1. Editing YouTube videos

-Editing YouTube videos for foreigners (Interviews/vlogs/sketches, etc)

-Creating video related content involving elements of composition, editing, subtitles, etc.


2. Assisting YouTube content planning

-Assisting YouTube content planning for foreigners


*Reference clips

1.THE BEST adventure in Korea

2.'RUNNING MAN' with Foreigners

3. Interview video



- Education: No educational requirements (Prospective graduates may apply)

-Work experience: No requirements


Desirable qualifications:

-English speaker

-Related major

-Prior experience in editing 

interviews, and variety entertainment


Working conditions:

1) Employment type: 6 month contract position

2) Working hours: 5 days per week (Mon~Fri) 9:30~18:30

3) Location:  Seongsu station

※ Position can be done remotely

4) Salary: 2,000,000 won per month average (To be fixed after negotiation)

5) Employment period: From February or March 2021 (To be negotiated after the interview)

※ High performing employees may be converted to a full-time employee after the contract period ends.


Required documents

1) Document screening: Resume, cover letter (no fixed form), portfolio (not required but a plus)

2) Interview: Notified individually

※ Interview notifications will be sent out individually only to those who have passed the document screening process.


Visa requirements: F-2, F-5 or F-6


Application deadline & method:

1) Application deadline: January 31st, 2021 (May close earlier depending on employment status)

2) Application method: Via email to v4ksoul@gmail.com">v4ksoul@gmail.com



1) Contact: Kyungsim Ha (010-5669-9618) Email: v4ksoul@gmail.com">v4ksoul@gmail.com

2) Welfare Benefits

- Health and welfare insurance (Four major social insurance programs)

3) Website : www.fundaykorea.me / www.jobpasskorea.com



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Representative: Ha Yeong Tae 6th floor, 115, Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea Email: info@fundaykorea.com
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