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Hanyang Doseong - The Golden Bell quiz winners

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This year 23 foreign nationals from different countries got an opportunity to learn more about Hanyang Doseong through an exciting untact quiz - “Hanyang Doseong. The Golden Bell.

We congratulate the winners!


1st Place:

 Belle Raguindin (Philippines) 


2nd Place:

Misa Chihara (Canada)

Majid Mushtaq (Pakistan) 


3rd Place: 

Gulnaz Shakirimova (Kazahstan) 

Martina de Vries de Vries (Netherlands)

 Umair Shabbir (Pakistan) 

Galina Panteleeva(Russia) 

Sabina Umirzakova(Uzbekistan)


You can watch the full video of the quiz here

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